The Drinkin’ Broettes #52 – I’m Not Okay!

Posted On May 28, 2020

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In Drinkin’ Broettes 52, Jess and Tiff discuss:
– Why they are not okay right now
– Why you shouldn’t lie when people ask how you are doing
– Why Chemical Romance was right
– They consider creating an Only Fans account

Welp, Tiffany and Jessie have had it with pretending to be ok when they are NOT OK!! The girls go off on all the things they are not ok with from getting your period when you are trying to have a baby to their hair extensions falling out in public because they have been in for too long at this point. They also once again consider an Only Fans account because you can make bank doing it. Tiffany ends the show with a very touching real moment and we hope that whoever needs to hear it does. Enjoy! Promo Code: LADYBONER

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